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930 E. 4th St

London, KY

Office: 859-200-1990

Fax: 859-986-0544

My office is located at 930 E. 4th St., London, KY.  It is important that you complete the client forms prior to your scheduled appointment.  Your help in this matter will ensure you have a smooth appointment.
I have been providing psychological services since 2001 for both adults and children. I have experience performing cognitive or IQ assessments necessary to help identify an individual’s specific strengths and weaknesses, working collaboratively with others to help generate recommendations. I provide various types of assessments to include ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, diagnostic assessments, psychoeducational assessment, personality assessment, and forensic psychological assessments.
I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Berea College and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University.  I am licensed as a Psychological Practitioner in Kentucky. I have worked with many community mental health providers and have been in private practice for over 16 years. I make every effort to offer excellent service during the assessment process, giving attention to the needs of the client, delivering quality reports and feedback. 
Annette Freel, MS, LPP
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